Digital Video Recorder

The digital video recording system is not only about surveillance. The DVR app gives you more, like recording your hard drive. HDD recording makes it simple and easy to track and play previous recordings. You can also operate more than one camera at once. All clips are saved in an accessible file / folder on your computer. Moreover, itprovides remote monitoring features, easy and fast search, large storage and much more. In the early years, the
clips were recorded and stored on video rather than discs. But now not all video storage strategy is effective.

Hikvision’s Turbo HD DVRs are divided into 5 major series offering various features and capabilities: Ultra, Pro,Value, AcuSense, and Special. Whether you’re upgrading a legacy analog security system or installing a brand new one, you’ll find a perfect match that suits your specific needs. For companies that don't want to change to IP monitoring and want to watch digital quality videos, DVR is a good solution. Hikvision comes in various models and
includes Turbo HD DVR, Standalone DVR and Mobile DVR.

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