Video Guard Service in UAE

SCS supports and configures the CCTV video escort service in the UAE and notifies it directly to SIRA clients and system maintenance companies. If any VSS errors are detected, an alert is sent to the user and service provider via email and SMS for immediate action.

Our service facilities:

·       Integration with the alarm system

·       High security standards

·       Easy posting

·       Prevent data leakage and data encryption

·       Minimize the chance of network outages

Why video guard?

The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) has started this third activity called “Video Guard”, to check the surveillance cameras in the structures in case of any problems or malfunctions. The new framework will inform the maintenance organization in case of any problems and they can then fix the problem immediately. This program will ensure that all cameras operate properly and ultimately are part of a citywide survey activity. The program was implemented at the beginning of this year, and it will deploy long-term surveillance cameras in most open structures and destinations, and be filled as an undetectable security observer, thereby expanding open security and home security.
Video guard frameworks must be provided in every residential building, retail building, shopping mall, hotel, financial institution, entertainment and amusement park, producers and offers for all minerals and precious stones, cinemas and theaters, import complexes, worker housing, arts galleries, warehouses, Factories, Internet management stores, automated deposit and ATMs … the show continues! Video Guard will be an interracial piece from CCTV Surveillance to obtain development and operational approval and endorsement for display professionals across most organizations.

For further clarifications or assistance regarding our surveillance system requirements and approvals, please feel free to contact.

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